What Is Deadfellaz? A Profile

Learn about the Deadfellaz generative art NFT collection of 10k zombie-themed characters endorsed by celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Gary Vee. 

Deadfellaz is a 10k-piece zombie-themed NFT collection offering holders a PFP with some original art, follow-up mints, cool web 3.0 IP use cases, and a native ERC-20 token that can be used in an NFT-20 liquidity pool. 

With a total trading volume of over ETH 30K as of January 2023 and a long list of high-profile celebrity endorsements, Deadfellaz is a project worth researching. This post will look at what makes the Deadfellaz unique, the team behind the project, its roadmap, and its use cases. 

Deadfellaz Explained

The Deadfellaz genesis collection comprises 10,000 ERC-721 zombie characters created with 300 different traits. The spooky characters make great PFPs, and if you aren’t sure what a PFP is, read our PFP guide. 

The project’s founders noted that almost all major NFT collections have male characters, so they decided to even the scales by making all Deafellaz gender-neutral. The Deadfellaz Infected S1, Deadfrenz, and Betty Pop Horror collections followed the genesis collection, and we’ll explore these later in the post. 

If you want to learn more about Deadfellaz, join the Discord channel, and follow the project on Twitter.  

Who Created Deadfellaz? 

Deadfellaz was founded by ‘Betty’ and her husband ‘Psych’ who decided to create their own NFT project when they found that none of the collections already on the market impressed them. 

The couple has expanded the team to over a dozen professionals. However, they still play a central role in its development and often lead the way in interacting with the community on social media. 

BETTY, CEO and Co-Founder

BETTY goes by @betty_nft on Twitter, and she is the Deafellaz co-founder and CEO, often referred to by the community as the ‘Horde Mother’. According to her LinkedIn, Betty is based in Australia and is focusing all her time on the marketing, outreach, and development of Deadfellaz. 

She regularly updates her followers on Twitter about Deafelaz and frequently advocates for the web 3.0 space. For example, on February 1st, 2023, she Tweeted, “Web3 brings the opportunity to uplift and support artists”. 

PSYCH, Co-founder, and Artist

Betty’s husband ‘PSYCH’ @psych_nft, is the Deadfellaz co-founder and lead artist. Interestingly PSYCH appears to keep a lower profile than BETTY. PSYCH’s Twitter is active, but unlike BETTY, he rarely Tweets his opinions. Instead, he retweets posts from members of the Deadfellaz community. 

Leon Lee, Lead Concept Designer

Leon is the Deafellaz lead concept designer. According to his LinkedIn, he has worked at significant animation companies, including DreamWorks and JuVee Productions. 

His role at Deadfellaz includes character design, producing concept art, visual development, and product design. On Twitter, @leonleeart generally posts updates on his recent illustration projects and occasionally shares Deadfellaz updates. 

Holly Longoria, COO

Holly is a web 3.0 entrepreneur and the COO of Deadfellaz. According to her LinkedIn, Holly holds high-managerial positions in several US real-estate companies. On Twitter, @holly_longoria always shares Tweets from the Deadfellaz community and asks her followers about web 3.0-related topics. 

Unfortunately, the Deadfellaz website doesn’t have a ‘team’ section, so if you want to research the team, follow the social media links in this section and use the project’s LinkedIn page

When Did Deadfellaz Launch?

The Deadfellaz NFT collection launched in August 2021 with a mint price of ETH 0.025. All the Deafellaz were minted within hours of launch, and the floor price quickly moved well above the mint price. The floor price is around ETH 0.7 as of writing. 

The Deadfellaz Infected S1 and the Betty Pop Horror by Deadfellaz launched in October 2021, and Deadfellaz Infected S2 launched in October 2022.

What Makes Deadfellaz Unique?

Every Deadfellaz has 11 features from 300 traits that are based on a theme of 90s gaming, clothing, and cultural cliches.

The rarity of each trait found on a Deadfellaz dictates its overall rarity score and, therefore, usually its value. Check out our ‘What is an NFT Rarity Score?’ post to learn more about rarity scores and how they work. 

According to RaritySniper, the rarest Deafellaz is #1600, with a score of 3471.80. This tearful zombie NFT has two unique features, the Nose Ring and Body Fur, and in addition, its Spotty Fur and Betty Head are found in less than 4% of the collection. Despite #1600’s rarity, it hasn’t been sold since it was first minted. 

Deadfellaz #1600 has the highest rarity score in the collection. Source: RaritySniper

Deadfellaz has put a twist on standard rarity scores with its ‘Rotten’ ‘Fresh’ and ‘Damage count. The more Rotten, Fresh, or Damaged traits a Deafellaz has, the higher its ‘count.’ 

Deadfellaz #1054 holds the #5 highest rarity score, thanks primarily to its ‘rotten count’ of five (0.09%). 

Beyond its impressive ‘rotten count,’ #1054 also has a rare Purple Fur (2%) and Grey Bucket Hat (3%). This putrid zombie claimed the record for the most expensive Deadfellaz when it sold for ETH 69 (USD 107k) in December 2021. The current asking price for #1054 on OpenSea is 169 ETH ($260k). 


Deadfellaz #1054 was sold for over $100k. Source: RaritySniper

If you are more interested in finding a lower-end Deadfellaz, then here are some common features to look for: 

  • Blue Background (30%) 
  • Fresh Count 2 (35%) 
  • Nose Skull (24%)
  • Fresh Body Grade (40%) 

The most common Deadfellaz, such as #6103 and #8940, trade around the ETH 0.7 floor price. 

What Does Deadfellaz Do?

Although Deadfellaz was initially snapped up by PFP collectors that appreciated the grizzly art and the idea of a gender-neutral project, the undead NFTs have developed and now inhabit a well-developed ecosystem. 


Although celebrity endorsements and ownerships aren’t a technical use case, they often help a project gain traction and act positively on floor prices. The most notable celebrities who openly hold one or more Deadfellaz include Reese Witherspoon, Steve Aoki, Gary Vee, and the politically charged Russian Punk rock band Pussy Riot. 

Deadfellaz Infected S1 + S2

There are two Deadfellaz Infected collections, S1 and S2. The S1 collection comprises 186 ‘infected’ Deadfellaz, and S2 contains 83. The characters in these limited editions were designed by over a dozen respected digital artists, such as Colin Eagan from Cool Cats, Stephy Fung, and MarktheHabibi

The collections launched on Halloween 2021 and 2022, respectively, and sold out within days. S2 has held a higher floor price at around ETH 0.7, while S1’s floor has been trading just below ETH 0.4. 

Betty Pop Horror by Deadfellaz 

The Betty Pop Horror collection showcases 225 NFTs that depict the project’s co-founder and CEO, BETTY, in a range of classic horror outfits. The collection launched in October 2021 with nine different types of artwork broken down into 25 editions. The floor price for the BETTY NFTs is the lowest in the Deadfellaz ecosystem at just ETH 0.2. 

The 225-piece Betty Pop Horror NFTs depict the project’s co-founder BETTY in various spooky forms. Source: OpenSea

Deadfrenz Airdrop

In November 2021, the Deadfrenz collection drop was announced on the Deadfellaz Medium blog. The 13k collection of Deadfrenz is a companion project to the Deadfellaz and features 13 different species of ‘Dead’ pets, including dogs, bats, cats, and frogs. 

In February 2022, the collection was launched, and every Deadfellaz holder was airdropped a Deadfrenz Lab Access Pass, giving them a chance to mint one Deadfrenz for free plus the gas fee.

Anyone holding a Deadfellaz S1, S2, or Betty Pop was also reserved one mint token, but they had to pay ETH 0.1 and the gas fee to redeem their Deadfrenz. 

Some of the passes are still up for grabs and trade on OpenSea with a floor price of ETH 0.09. The Deadfrenz has a total trading volume of ETH 2.4k and a floor price of ETH 0.04. Despite the low floor price, dozens of the Frenz have sold for over ETH 2, with the highest sale going to #11899 at 4.2 ETH ($6.5k) in February 2022.

According to the Deadfrenz roadmap, the NFTs will eventually be incorporated into a P2E trading card game, but a firm date for its release has yet to be set. 

A Deadfren was airdropped to every Deadfellaz holder. Source: OpenSea


The Deadfellaz have their own ERC-20 token called ‘DEADFELLAZ20’ that can be used in an NFT-20 liquidity pool. The ERC-20 token use cases: 

DEX Trades: The ERC-20 tokens are created from Deadfellaz NFTs, and they can then be swapped directly for Ethereum on the Uniswap exchange and vice versa, saving the time and effort of setting up an auction on a marketplace. 

Fractions: When a Deadfellaz NFT is deposited into the pool, it’s broken down into 100 ERC-20 tokens, which means you can buy a fraction of a Deadfellaz NFT by purchasing the tokens. This helps people who can’t afford the floor price get involved with the project. 

If you are interested in learning about the mechanics of the DEADFELLA20 token, check out this Medium post

Partnerships and Merchandise

The Deadfellaz team has been able to land several high-profile partnerships and merchandising deals since 2021. 

UTA Deal

In April 2022, Deadfellaz announced that it had partnered with the United Talent Agency (UTA), a global entertainment, sports, and talent company. Deadfellaz hopes that UTA will help them brand their IP and generate merchandising opportunities. You can find some of their merch on RedBubble


In October 2022, Deadfellaz partnered with DraftKings Reignmakers and the NFL Players Association. According to the announcement, the partnership will see NFL players in the DraftKings fantasy league game, Reignmakers, minted as Deadfellaz-style NFTs. 

Moonbirds, a pixel art 10k NFT collection, has also partnered with DraftKings Reignmakers. The deal will see six Moonbirds side set cards put up for auction with 25 editions of every player card. 

Gilson Snow Sports

In April 2022, Deadfellaz partnered with Gilsons, one of the US’s most popular snow sports brands, to create 1:1 snowboards and skis depicting Deadfellaz characters. According to the NFT Evening, the partnership deal was reached with the help of UTA. 

Anyone holding a Deadfellaz or a sub-collection token could generate a custom NFT snowboard or skis for 0.32 ETH between April 27-29. 


According to the project’s official OpenSea profile, royalty fees are set at 5% for the original Deadfellaz collection and Deadfrenz, while S1, S2, and Betty Pop Horror have no fees. 

How To Buy Deadfellaz?

The best way to purchase a Deadfellaz NFT is on OpenSea. In this example, we’re going to focus on purchasing a genesis Deadfellaz, but the process is the same for any of the sub-collections. 

Follow these steps to purchase a Deadfellaz:  

  • Get a Crypto Wallet: Get an ETH-compatible crypto wallet like MetaMask
  • Connect to Marketplace: Visit the Deadfellaz OpenSea page and connect your wallet. 
  • Explore: Browse the collection and use the filters to sort them by price and rarity. 
  • Buy: Purchase a Deadfellaz by pressing the buy now button. 

Before purchasing a Deadfellaz NFT, make sure you do you’re own research and join the project’s Discord and Twitter to familiarize yourself with the community. 

The Future Of Deadfellaz. 

The Deadfellaz collection has snowballed from a PFP collection created by a couple of enthusiasts who wanted to shake up the space with their gender-neutral zombie characters to a multi-utility project with real-world partnerships and celebrity endorsements. It will be interesting to see if, in 2023, we see the launch of the P2E Deadfrenz game and more official partnerships.


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