What is CrypToadz NFT? A Profile

What is CrypToadz NFT?

Discover everything about what is CrypToadz NFT project, a PFP collection of Toadz inhabiting the Ethereum blockchain that sell for thousands of dollars.  

When I first came across CrypToadz in 2021 while browsing OpenSea, I wasn’t impressed and quickly moved on to the next project. However, it’s safe to say this was a mistake, as CrypToadz promptly grew into a prolific PFP project and has since exceeded $35 million in trading volume. 

Although it’s too late for us to pick up a CrypToadz for the original mint price of 0.069 ETH, there’s plenty of the Toadz trading on OpenSea, and the bear market has potentially created some bargains. This post will give you all the information you need to familiarize yourself with the CrypToadz NFT collection.

CrypToadz Explained 

What is CrypToadz NFT?
All the Toadz have already been minted, according to the official website

The CrypToadz collection comprises 6,969 pixelated Toadz that inhabit the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. The Toadz was created using generative art systems, meaning their characteristics were randomly assigned during the mint.

All the Toadz have already been minted, according to the official website. The developers have no plans to grow the project into anything other than a pure PFP play, either. Learn more about PFP NFTs

Nonetheless, the community is still buzzing with people discussing the rarest Toadz on the secondary market and upcoming airdrops that will discuss further on.

If you want a feel for the CrypToadz community, follow CrypToadz on Twitter or join the Discord

Who Created CrypToadz?

Who created CrypToadz NFT?
‘Gremplin’ an online artist is the creator of the CrypToadz

An artist that goes by ‘Gremplin’ online is the creator of the CrypToadz. As the artist is yet to be doxxed, we know very little about their personal life. However, if you scroll to the bottom of the CrypToadz website, you’ll notice that it says the work is published from the United States. So maybe Gremplin is an American?

We also know that Gremlin was already a relatively well-known artist in the NFT space, having worked on the Nouns DAO project before the Toadz mint, which contributed to the community’s enthusiasm for the Toadz.  

Gremplin’s Twitter gives us very few clues about the artists, although their Tweets suggest they are active in the NFT space. Gremlin’s central role in the project is evident, but eight others worked on the Toadz, namely; BN89, Cat, Chanzero, Dinfo, Emmy, Heeeee, Motivateme, and Sum1. 

Similarly to Gremplin, we know little to nothing about the eight team members or their exact roles in the project’s creation. 

When Did CrypToadz Launch? 

CrypToadz launched in September 2021. At the time, the Toadz had a mint price of just 0.069 ETH, and all 6,969 tokens were minted within hours of launch. The average price of a Toadz sky-rocketed following the launch exceeding 20 ETH at one point. 

Gremlin was surprised by the project’s instant success. In a Tweet on September 9th, the anonymous artist wrote, 

Since the mint, the total volume traded is around 72K ETH, according to OpenSea, and as of writing, on October 2022, the floor price averaged 1.4-1.7 ETH. 

What Makes CrypToadz Unique?

Every Toadz is unique, the influence of CryptoPunks is evident as it’s the rarity of specific pixelated characteristics that make some Toadz more valuable than others. Furthermore, Gremlin’s reputation within the NFT space has contributed to the project’s floor price. 

The Toadz have between one-seven traits, and each attribute has its own rarity. However, some are common such as the normal body type or a bruised background color, and you’ll find these traits on nearly 10% of tokens. 

However, some Toadz, such as #3204 and #2780, have very rare traits, like the Plaid Cap (1%) and the Toadenza body (0.63%). 

The seven features are Accessory I, Accessory II, Background, Body, Clothes, Custom, Eyes, Head, Mouth, and Name.

While most of the characteristics are self-explanatory, and we’ve seen them in other generative art projects like BAYC, the custom characteristic is worth highlighting. 

Custom Toadz are by far the rarest in the collection and possess features found on less than 1% of Toadz. In total, there are six different custom Toadz. They are 1/1, Licked-Warped, Licked-Don’t Look in the Mirro, Murdered by Fronkz, Legendary, and Licked-Hallucination. 

CrypToadz #2000000 and #8000000 are two custom Toadz with features only found in 0.1% of the collection, which is why they usually trade for several multiples of the floor price. 

What Does CrypToadz Do? 

With PFP NFT collections, you have to accept that in terms of utility, there are going to be limitations as they primarily serve as digital art that can be used to show off on social media. 

Even though CrypToadz doesn’t have a metaverse angle, DeFi system, or tokens like BAYC and The Ape Society, it does have some cool features. 

Full Copyrights and AirDrops

Gremplin and the rest of the team have waived all copyrights related to the Toadz. As a result, users can do whatever they want with their Toadz. For example, your Toadz can be used to design merchandise, help you advertise a project, or print it onto your favorite trainers. 

If you want to learn more about the complex relationship between copyright and NFTs, check out our guide to NFT copyright

In December 2021, the Christmas-themed MistleToadz air drop saw 4.2K Toadz minted on Ethereum by original CrypToadz holders to celebrate the first festive season following the successful launch of CrypToadz. The MistleToadz could not garner the same hype as their cousins, and their floor price has never exceeded 0.2 ETH. 

CrypToadz Royalties

If you minted a CrypToadz in 2021, you are eligible for 2.5% royalties. Royalties are profits creators receive every time an NFT is traded on the secondary market. To learn more about royalties, refer to our ‘How Do NFT Royalties Work?’ post. 

How To Buy CrypToadz?

How to buy CrypToadz NFT?
Before buying an NFT, you should do your research, and we also strongly recommend that you join the CrypToadz Discord channel

The best place to purchase a CrypToadz is on OpenSea, where you’ll find hundreds of Toadz trading on the secondary market. 

Before buying an NFT, you should do your research, and we also strongly recommend that you join the CrypToadz Discord channel, as the project’s value is partly derived from its thriving community. Follow these steps to buy a CrypToadz:

  • Get a Crypto Wallet: Set up a Metamask or Coinbase wallet and load it with Ethereum (ETH). 
  • Connect to OpenSea: Visit the CrypToadz OpenSea page and click the wallet icon at the top of the page to link your wallet to the website. 
  • Explore: Browse the CrypToadz collection. You can use the filters to alter the price and rarity of the Toadz. 
  • Buy: Purchase a CrypToadz by pressing Buy Now or submitting a Bid. 

The bear market has hit the CrypToadz collection like everything else, so with some dedication, you can find one of these blockchain-dwelling amphibians with rare features for a reasonable price. 

The Future Of CrypToadz

It’s always challenging to predict the future of an NFT project like the CrypToadz because the original developers are very hands-off with the project. Despite rumors of a ‘ToadMap’, we have seen no evidence of any long-term plans. 

The truth is the community drives CrypToadz, it has been incredibly successful so far, and as long as NFT enthusiasts continue to appreciate the artistic value of the Toadz, you can expect them to hold their place as a top PFP project. 


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