Enjin NFT Wallet Review 2022. Is It A Good Choice?

Enjin NFT Wallet Review

Enjin is a mobile wallet that supports Ethereum-based tokens. This Enjin NFT Wallet review answers the most pressing questions about it.

The Enjin NFT wallet is of my favorite NFT wallets due to its user-friendly design. It has all the NFT buyers need and want in a crypto wallet. Some of these key features are an easy-to-use mobile wallet, in-game currency support, and cross-platform compatibility. 

If my guess is right, you’re reading this to learn more about the Enjin NFT Wallet. Is it safe? Is it efficient? Well, I’ll answer all those questions and more in this in-depth review of the Enjin NFT Wallet.

What is Enjin NFT Wallet?

Mobile wallets, such as the Enjin Wallet, are referred to as “Hot Wаllеts,” meaning that they are connected to the internet. The Enjin-tеаm has devised unique countermeasures to prevent computer hackers from attempting to steal cryptocurrency from hot wallets. Enjin has a high-level and innovative security architecture that includes the Enjin secure keyboard, a bi-directional encryption policy, and other measures to transform your smartphone into a secure hardware wallet.

All private keys have double encryption, so even if the attacker got the file, it couldn’t be decrypted. Furthermore, the specially designed Enjin keyboard deals with keyloggers, ensuring that the device’s encryption process is secure. Unlike other mobile wallets, Enjin uses custom libraries to erase private keys from the device’s memory once the transaction is completed.

The wallet is easy to use and allows NFT fans to monitor, manage, and order their cryptocurrency holdings easily.

Enjin Pte Ltd. and Enjin Coin created Enjin Wallеt. Enjin is one of the world’s biggest online gaming community platforms, with over 18 million users. The Singapore-based company was founded in 2009 and now receives over 60 million global visits per month.

Enjn has several rivals. MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Coinbase are some of the most popular.

The wallet was designed for NFT collectors, crypto holders and traders, and gamers. It includes a blockchain gaming compatibility, a marketplace for trading blockchain assets, a DApp browser for interacting with DApps and DeFi swaps, and an in-app token exchange with Changelly, Kyber, and Bancor.

Beautiful UI & Ease of Use

Enjin NFT Wallet Review
You may also quickly switch between displaying your balances in bitcoin and the equivalent in your local fiat currency using the wallet

Enjin’s biggest feature is providing the best NFT wallet with a beautiful UI for the NFT collection. It has a simple but sleek design that is appealing and very professional. 

You may also quickly switch between displaying your balances in bitcoin and the equivalent in your local fiat currency using the wallet. This is highly useful since it allows you to determine the value of your portfolio quickly.

Enjin Marketplace

Using the built-in features of the Enjin Wallet, digital collectible assets (ERC-1155 tokens) can be directly sold on the Enjin marketplace. Using Ethereum smart contracts, this one-of-a-kind feature allows gamers to trade stuff safely and without risk. 

The “sell” tool under the Collectibles tab can be used to list items on the marketplace. The technique is a one-step process in which the seller enters a selling price and confirms by executing the Ethereum contract (paying gas in the process). The item will be available for purchase directly on the Enjin Marketplace.

Biometric Feature

You can access your NFT wallet and instantly approve transactions using your biometric signature. This eliminates the need for a complicated and difficult-to-remember password.

It’s never been easier to send money, sell assets on the Enjin Marketplace, or melt your collectibles.

To turn on this feature, go to your wallet’s settings and turn on “Security Mode.”

Of course, this function is optional, so if you want to complete transactions using a password, continue doing what you’re doing—no action is needed.

Auto-add Tokens

Tokens can be automatically added based on your trades and exchanges, allowing you to keep track of any tokens that interest you. 

Multiple Wallet

You can create as many wallets as you wish, ranging from daily spending or savings account to a blockchain gaming or NFT trading account.

You can also conveniently track your hardware wallets, such as Trezor or Ledger, by importing them.


There are over 25 languages to choose from, ranging from Russian to Korean, with more to come.

How to Buy NFTs on OpenSea Using Enjin

Enjin NFT Wallet can be connected to OpenSea and used to trade your favourite assets. Here’s how:

  • Open Enjin Wallet and launch the dApps browser 
  • Click on the search icon and type in OpenSea 
  • Select opensea.io from the results and your Enjin Wallet will be connected directly

After linking your wallet to OpenSea, you can sell your assets and collectibles after minting or buying them. 

Is Enjin NFT Wallet Safe?

Is Enjin NFT wallet safe?
They redesigned how decrypted private keys are kept in standard crypto libraries

The first thought that should come to everyone’s mind is security.

The wallet, according to Enjin CTO Wiktek Radomski, has defense-grade security and is one of the most secure wallets available. They redesigned how decrypted private keys are kept in standard crypto libraries, for example, and devised methods to prevent keylogging on the wallet keyboard.

Of course, we advise holding the majority of your crypto in cold storage, such as on a Trezor, but Enjin is unrivaled for keeping track of your collector stockpile or having a little quantity of crypto on hand. 

Some key Enjin NFT wallet security features are:

  • Two-layer encryption: To safeguard both the keystore and private data, two entirely independent layers of cryptography are used. In both the bottom levels and the application layers, the wallet uses Hardware 256 AES and software encryption, respectively.
  • RAM Encryption: The key data of the Enjin NFT Wаllet is kept in encrypted memory. The wallet was created to remove private keys and all critical values from the device’s memory after each use.
  • Secure kеуbоаrd: The wallet comes with a proprietary keyboard that protects data from keyloggers and data trackers. To increase security, the keyboard also has the option to randomize keys.
  • One-touch biometric login: Users may be sure that no one else has access to their cryptocurrency assets using a secure fingerprint login method.
  • Recovery phrase: Enjin Wallet users can generate a 12-word recovery phrase when setting up their accounts. The recovery phrase can retrieve the wallet and funds on another device if the device goes missing. 

Enjin NFT Wallet Competitors

Enjin MetaMask Trust Wallet 
Audience Any user looking for a blockchain-based system to use and manage NFTsAnyone can use this cryptocurrency and NFT wallet. Individuals searching for a simple and secure Ethereum and ERC20/ERC223 token mobile wallet
Support Online Online Online 
Pricing No info available Free version No info available 
Training Documentation Documentation Documentation and Live Online  
Company Enjin. Founded in Singapore in 2009.enjin.ioConsenSys.The company was founded in 2014 in the United States.metamask.ioTrust Wallet.The company was founded in 2017 in the United States.trustwallet.com
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Integration AaveCointelliAaveCointelliADAPadAPY.visionBright UnionChadSwapDAO MakerDAOstackInstadappAaveCointellCosmostation
  • The platform has a nice appearance and is easy to use.
  • The native token can be traded on its designated Enjin marketplace.
  • Includes customer support 
  • High-security 
  • It does not support desktop 
  • Supports only Ethereum-based NFTs 
  • Closed source code

Enjin NFT Wallet Review: The Final Word

The Enjin-NFT Wallet is a user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to send, receive and trade NFTs from various gaming platforms. The Enjin-NFT Wallet has a clean interface and simple design similar to popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance. 

The wallet also includes a built-in marketplace that allows users to purchase in-game items like skins, upgrades, or rare collectibles with ENJ. Spending virtual currency on in-game items creates new opportunities for gamers to engage with one another as they collect different in-game items, skins, and upgrades.

The wallet is fairly easy to use, and setting it up for your first transaction is a piece of cake. If you’re looking to purchase an online NFT gaming collectible using your digital assets, I can recommend the Enjin NFT Wallet without hesitation.

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