What Is 0N1 Force NFT? A Profile

What is 0N1 Force NFT?

Discover 0N1 Force NFT, an NFT collection of 7,777 anime-style PFP avatars that give holders access to a dystopian metaverse where an interesting lore is unfolding. 

0N1 Force is a collection of  7,777 anime-style avatars that give holders access to an online community that has been linked with celebrities such as Logan Paul and Steve Aoki. The NFTs inhabit the Ethereum blockchain, their holders are offered extensive IP rights, and the project is expanding through partnerships and free mints. 

The project was founded by high-school art teachers who connected with digital artists on an online discussion board. The pair probably had no idea that their idea would grow into a top OpenSea project with a total trading volume exceeding millions of dollars. 

This post will break down 0N1 Force, detailing the art, use cases, the founders, and its future.

0N1 Force NFT Explained 

The 0N1 Force is a 7.77k PFP collection of anime-style characters that, according to the lore, inhabit  ‘The Ethereal Enclave’ within the 0N1VERSE, a metaverse that 0N1 holders are invited to join. 

The project’s story and style are reminiscent of a blade-runner-style dystopia where humanoid creatures have been enhanced through biotechnology. We’ll take a closer look at how the lore develops the tech-driven dystopian narrative later on. 

You can familiarize yourself with 0N1 Force holders on Discord and by following the official Twitter

Who Created 0N1 Force? 

0N1 Force began with JR, a former art teacher, who was inspired by side-profile portraits and decided to try and create his own PFP NFT collection. JR connected with other NFT enthusiasts and artists on the social media site Clubhouse, and between them, they launched 0N1 Force. 

While the official website provides links to the team’s socials, as of writing in February 2023, most of them remain undoxxed. 

JR: Is one of the co-founders who goes by @JRArtSpace_NFT on Twitter and regularly posts about upcoming Twitter Spaces. 

Strawberry: Is the co-founder of 0N1 Force and the Strawberry NFT collection and goes by @Strawberrywtf on Twitter. 

Link: Is one of the 0N1 Force co-founders, and she goes by @LinkedEm on Twitter, where she posts about art and leads Web 3.0 Twitter spaces. 

CryptoSpaces: Is the fourth co-founder of 0N1 Force, and according to his Twitter @CryptoSpaces1, he has also played a role in Strawberry NFT and RarePizzas NFT. 

Ed: Joined the project as the new CEO in January 2022, according to an official Medium post, and has years of experience developing VR headsets in Silicon Valley. He goes by @uniqueNFT on Twitter.

You can find a full list of team members on the 0N1Force website

When Did 0N1 Force Launch?

0N1 Force launched in August 2021 with a mint price of ETH 0.0777 (around $250). The project sold out within minutes, and the average price of the tokens skyrocketed, exceeding ETH 6 by the end of August. A collapse followed the rapid rise, and the average price dropped to ETH 0.3 by the second half of 2022. 

Despite the brutal crash that followed the hyped launch, the project’s floor price has been recovering since late 2022. As of February 2023, the floor price is just under ETH 2 ($3,400), the total trading volume is ETH 58k, the unique ownership rate is 50% and creator fees are set at 5%. 

0N1 Force trading volume and floor price recover in 2023 following a brutal 2022.
Source: OpenSea

What Makes 0N1 Force Unique?

As a generative art project, every 0N1 has been assigned its features randomly, creating different levels of rarity and guaranteeing that every character is unique. Every feature was hand-drawn by the project’s lead digital artists IMCMPLX. The collection is broken down into the following four types: 

Y0K-A1 – 5278 (67.8%) 

B4K3M0-N0 = 2100 (27%)

0N1 = 392 (5%)

K4m-1 = 7 (0.09%)

In addition to the four TYPES, ten other potential features are found on 0N1s, and interestingly, 0N1s either have five (0.09%) or ten (99%) traits. 

  • Background 
  • Body
  • Domain 
  • Extra
  • Eyes
  • Face
  • Hair
  • Haid
  • Helmet
  • Mouth
  • Wear 

The most valuable 0N1s are generally from the 0N1 and K4m-1 TYPE and have five traits. 

0N1 #3715 is the rarest NFT in the collection, according to Rarity Sniper, with an overall score of 33245. As you might expect, this token is from the K4m-1 TYPE and only has five traits, including several 1:1 features such as the Technogod (pearl) background and 07-divine helmet. 

0N1 #3715 has several 1:1 features, and it's a K4m-1 type making it the rarest NFT in the collection.
Source: RaritySniper

The most expensive 0N1 ever sold is #717, another K4m-1 type with several 1:1 traits and a rarity score that ranks in second place on Rarity Sniper. #717 sold for WETH 188 ($620k) in August 2021 to US social media star Logan Paul. This purchase put Logan on the list of the many celebrities who got recked by investing in NFTs. 

0N1 #717 was sold to Logan Paul for over $620k making it the collections highest sale.
Source: Rarity Sniper

What Does 0N1 Force Do?

0N1 Force offers holders several use cases based on web 3.0 concepts and partnerships. 


Undoubtedly, one of the primary use cases for this project is profile pictures. The avatars tick all the boxes for NFT PFP collectors by offering unique features, a limited supply, and celebrity endorsements. 


The team has placed a strong focus on copyrights by offering the community extensive commercial rights over their 0N1 and Frames. 


NFT collectors are increasingly interested in projects that develop strong backstories about the characters and ecosystem. Renga NFT is a good example of a lore-driven collection that’s proven to be very popular. 

According to the lore, the 0N1s lived peacefully in a futuristic utopia known as the Ethereal Enclave under the governance of a benevolent emperor. However, the emperor’s mysterious death resulted in chaos. Their peaceful lives were upended, and the technology that had guaranteed their utopian lifestyle known as ‘The Shift’ vanished. 

Their world grew dark. A deadly Nano matter spread throughout, killing many. A power struggle ensued as factions tried to fill the power vacuum left by the emperor. The only refugee left from the chaos is known as Demon’s Kiss, and this is where the 7,777 0N1s gather.  

They’ve released a YouTube video about the lore, and you can read the full story on the project’s website. 


The lore’s development has been fully embraced by the community, who helped make the proposal for a 0N1 Force comic a reality. Over 40,000 submissions were made by the community. The comic book is being produced in-house by the digital artists and writer Cromangus and edited by Josh Blaylock

A trailer for the comic book’s first issue is available on YouTube, and according to the developers, the first issue will be made available as an NFT to 0N1 holders. The most recent update was posted on Twitter at the end of January 2023 as a short animated video. 


In March 2022, the 0N1 Frames collection dropped. The frames were can be minted for free apart from the gas fee by 0N1 holders. Unlike most secondary drops, the frames can’t be traded as they’re non-transferable and will always be held by the wallet containing the original 0N1 avatar. 

0N1 Force FRAMES that cannot be transferred from their original wallet.
Source: OpenSea


The 0N1VERSE is the metaverse community at the core of the project. Its primary focus is to expand the use of IP by the community. The platform aims to provide users with tools for creating art, NFTs, and 3D assets using their 0N1s. 

As part of the 0N1VERSE, the team claims to be building a 0N1 FORCE shop where holders will be able to create their own clothes using their 01N avatars for inspiration. The launch is slated for Q1 2023. 


According to the project’s website, the 01N Force has formed some high-profile partnerships with Logan Paul, Gary Vaynerchuk, Steve Aoki, DJ Kaku, and Bassjackers. However, it’s unclear what these partnerships entailed beyond the celebrities buying an 0N1 NFT. 


Since the project launched in 2021, there’s been chatter about the NANO SUIT drop. The team updated the community regarding the suits in January 2022 via Medium

According to the post, the nano suits will be assembled using generative software with the traits hand drawn by IMCMPLX. Every suit will have unique traits, and just like the frames, they will match specific features of the original 0N1.

The main concern with the SUITS is the timeline. According to the Medium post, they should have been launched in mid-2022, but as of writing in February 2023, the suits still have not made it onto the blockchain. 

Example of one of the 7,777 NANO SUITs expected to be minted by 0N1 holders.
Source: Medium

How To Buy 0N1 Force?

The best way to purchase an 0N1 Force is on OpenSea by following these simple steps:  

  • Get a Crypto Wallet: Get an ETH-compatible crypto wallet like MetaMask
  • Connect to Marketplace: Visit the 0N1 Force OpenSea page and connect your wallet. 
  • Explore: Browse the collection and use the filters to sort them by price. 
  • Buy: Purchase an 0N1 NFT by pressing the buy now button or by submitting a bid. 

Before purchasing an 0N1 or any NFT, make sure you do you’re own research and check out the project on Twitter

The Future Of 0N1 Force 

The 0N1 Force NFTs got off to a solid start, with the collection selling out within minutes of launch. However, the 2022 bear market hammered the project pushing its floor price below ETH 0.5. In 2023 the NFTs have gained value, and the online community, including the official sources, is still very active online. 

The project’s biggest weakness appears to be repeated delays in hitting milestones. It will be interesting to see if the Nano Suits, which have been repeatedly delayed since the idea was first floated in 2021, drop in 2023. 


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