25 Best Memes About NFTs 

Best memes about NFTs

Discover the 25 best memes about NFTs that netizens continue to pass around on social media either to celebrate NFTs or make fun of the space. 

If you’re a meme lover, then the NFT space has got a lot of material for you to enjoy. We’ve all identified with a meme at some point in our online lives, as some meme-creators have been working hard since the days of My Space to create content that will go viral. 

The world of NFTs has never been short of controversy, failure, or bizarre events, which makes it ideal for creating memes. In this post, we’ll look at the 25 best memes about NFTs covering some of the biggest moments in NFT meme history and the funniest memes to gain traction among NFT traders and commentators.

Best Memes About NFTs Ranked

1. NFTs Are All The Same

This meme is particularly popular among people who either don’t understand why NFTs have value or simply like to make fun of the NFT community. The NFTs Are All The Same meme is a satirical swipe at two aspects of the NFT space. 

Firstly, the early success of the Bored Ape Yacht Club and the CryptoPunks was quickly followed by a series of low-quality copycat projects. The copies resulted in much chatter from people outside the space questioning what gives the original tokens more value than the copies. 

Secondly, with countless low-quality projects on the market created using generative art software with no utility or artistic value, the idea that NFTs are all the same occasionally rings true.

With thousands of copy-cat NFT collections, it can feel like all NFTs are the same.
Source: NftNow

2. Mcdonald’s Crypto Meme 

If you were in the crypto space during the last bull run, then you’ll remember the rags-to-riches stories and maybe even held an extremely profitable portfolio yourself. There’s no doubt that some people handled their newfound wealth in questionable ways by quitting their day jobs and dishing out financial advice as if they were Warren Buffet. 

As the price of Bitcoin and most alt-coins tumbled in 2021, the crypto-bros saw their wealth evaporate as quickly as it appeared. This meme is a direct jab at those who flew too close to the sun and came crashing down to earth during the bear market, and returned to their day jobs. 

Mcdonalds’s crypto meme highlights the volatility of the crypto market. S
Source: Maxotec 

3. Crypto Taxes Meme

When thinking about the hurdles blocking crypto’s path to mainstream adoption, many people cite the fact that governments have not created a clear and fair regulatory framework around digital assets. When the Indian financial authority announced that the world’s second most-populous country would ‘legalize’ crypto, the community celebrated, albeit a little early. 

Legalization came with a 30% tax rate which deeply disappointed Indian crypto-enthusiasts who were faced with having to hand their precious profits over to the Indian tax authority.  Other countries have begun passing similar laws dividing the crypto community, which is now faced with operating illegally or having to give up profits in return for legality. 

Crypto being legalized came with painfully high taxes in India.
Source: Maxotec 

4. Kevin, The Unfinished Pixelmon Meme 

The Pixelmon NFT collection made a lot of promises. The project was touted as a Pokemon-style P2E NFT game where players would profit from capturing and trading their Pixelmons. A Dutch auction saw an estimated $70 million invested by traders and players eager to get into this extremely over-hyped project early. 

Unfortunately, it turned out that the promises made by the developers were hot air. The Pixelmon reveal was a disaster as investors saw pixelated, low-quality, and clearly rushed NFTs appear in their wallets. 

The community was furious, and Kevin, arguably the worst Pixelmon of all, became the flagship meme used to highlight the community’s anger and generally make fun of failed NFT projects.

The Pixelmon project became a meme after the developers disappointed investors with extremely low-quality NFTs.
Source: Maxotec

5. Wolf Of Wall Street on NFTs Meme

The Wolf Of Wall Street was undoubtedly one of Dicaprio’s most successful films, and it also became a healthy source of memes. During the closing scenes of the film, Dicaprio’s character, Jordan Belfort, tests his audience’s selling abilities by asking them to sell him a pen. 

While NFTs aren’t mentioned in the film, this meme has leveraged a powerful moment in the film to highlight the power of NFTs. The meme has been interpreted in a couple of ways. On the pro-NFT side, it’s been used to highlight the demand generated by the most successful NFT projects. On the negative side, it’s been used to highlight the irrationality of some people in the market who will buy any NFT because of FOMO and greed. 

This meme took a classic scene from The Wolf Of Wall Street and added NFTs.
Source: nftnow

6. Holiday Dinner NFT Meme 

It’s never easy explaining NFTs to your family. Many people still have a lot of misconceptions about crypto in general. As a result, trying to get your family into NFTs over a holiday dinner can be like pulling hairs. This meme reflects our struggles at the dinner table using a scene from the show Always Sunny in Philadelphia where Charlie Day desperately tries to explain a crazy conspiracy theory to his friend.

Every NFT enthusiast has found themselves trying to explain NFTs to their family over dinner.
Source: Maxcotex

7. Crypto Taxation Explained Meme

Bitcoin promises to liberate people from the grip of central authorities such as banks and governments. While this somewhat utopian promise has captured our imaginations, the reality is that the state will always want its cut. 

As cryptos and NFTs are integrated into the tax system, traders and investors have seen their profits dented by their tax return forms. Crypto traders have used this meme to express their frustration seeing their profits dwindle post-tax.

Crypto taxes hurt everyone’s profits.
Source: Twitter

8. Twitter Bans NFTs Meme

Before Elon Musk purchased Twitter and temporarily replaced the social-media giant’s icon with a ‘Dodge Dog,’ it wasn’t a particularly NFT-friendly online space. When Twitter suspended the blue-tick ‘NFT’ account, the moderators created fertile ground for a meme. The community started sharing screenshots of the suspended account to criticize Twitter’s hostility toward NFTs. 

Before Elon Musk, Twitter wasn’t an NFT safe haven, as this suspension was used to highlight.
Source: Twitter

9. NFT Roadmaps Meme

NFT roadmaps are a strange concept. While a solid roadmap can reassure investors that the project is heading in the right direction, they’re also notoriously unreliable. The NFT Roadmaps Meme uses a pint glass full of foam as opposed to beer to highlight the fact that promises are often nothing more than promises. 

Just ask someone who purchases a Pixelmon pre-reveal to get an idea of how misleading a roadmap can be. Luckily there are ways to avoid NFT scams by doing your own research. 

A lot of NFT project roadmaps make big promises with no plan for implementing them.
Source: Twitter

10. NFT Generational Wealth Gap Meme

House prices in most of the world have risen at a pace not even remotely matched by wages. As a result, the current generation of young adults is accustomed to joking about their inability to buy a home at an age when their parents were already years into owning property. 

The Generational Wealth Gap Meme highlights the fact that while the past generation was buying a home at 30, most people today are just happy to get their hands on an NFT at 30. This meme is a humorous commentary about a serious issue many deal with through humor. 

Property prices have left a generation of people unable to buy a house, but at least we have NFTs.
Source: nftnow

11. NFTs Creators Are All About The Money Meme

Most NFT creators will tell you that they’re creating art because it’s their passion or that they want to help people by creating a valuable asset that anyone can purchase. The truth is that most NFT creators just want to get rich. This Spongebob-themed meme makes fun of NFT creators who fail to be honest about the true motivation behind their work.

Many NFT developers are only focused on getting rich quickly.
Source: nftnow

12. The GaryVee Smirk Meme

Gary Vaynerchuck, better known as Gary Vee, is one of the most well-known figures in the NFT community. The social media influencer and entrepreneur regularity voices his passion for NFTs, and he’s collaborated with blue-chip projects such as the CryptoPunks

During a CNBC interview, he was asked a loaded question about the ‘problematic nature’ of crypto and NFTs, to which he simply responded with a smirk. His casual gesture was embraced by the NFT community, who started using it as a meme to dismiss FUD and anti-crypto commentary.

Gary Vaynerchuck is a social media influencer and leading figure in the NFT space.
Source: Tenor

13. Minting NFTs Without A Plan Meme

During the 2020 NFT bull market, people got caught up in the positive sentiment and jumped head-first into creating NFT projects, often without thinking ahead. Minting an NFT is relatively easy, especially if you use OpenSea, and it only requires you to pay gas fees. However, minting doesn’t always result in sales leaving many people out of pocket, as this meme points out. 

Creating an NFT collection is one thing, but actually getting people to invest is another.
Source: Maxcotec

14. LarvaLabs Pokemon Meme

LarvaLabs, the CryptoPunks developers, is generally considered one of the most respected teams in the NFT space. However, when the team fell out with John Watkinson, LarvaLabs co-founder, over the sale of his CryptoPunks, criticism began to flood the developers. 

As the team bickered about Watkinson’s sales, the project’s floor price got hammered, hurting investors and the team. This meme became a popular way of illustrating how LarvaLabs had damaged the value of their own collection through internal fighting. 

The team behind CryptoPunks, LarvaLabs, got a lot of hate for promoting this Pokemon-inspired meme.
Source: nftnow

15. NFTs Above Money And Status Meme

Most people associate the feeling of power with money and status, but for a select group of people buying NFTs is the real source of empowerment. This meme has become a popular way for the NFT community to highlight the level of importance that they place on buying the rarest NFTs. 

For some people buying NFTs is more empowering than everything else.
Source: MaxKimball

16. Waiting For An NFT’s Floor Price To Rise Meme 

Various scenes from the popular Netflix series ‘Narcos’ depicting Pablo Escobar waiting around looking lonely have been turned into memes and used with all sorts of amusing captions. In the case of NFTs, Pablo’s boredom has been used to highlight the time NFT holders spend just waiting for a collections floor price to rise. This is a particularly relatable meme to those who have held NFTs through the bear market.

The popular Pablo Escobar ‘waiting meme’ illustrates the long wait for prices NFT prices to rise.
Source: imgflip

17. Please Don’t Screenshot This Is Mine Meme

People often find it hard to comprehend why we buy NFTs if they can simply download the image by taking a screenshot. The issue is so widespread that the NFT artist XCOPY even dedicated an entire collection to the debate ‘Right-click and save.’ This meme depicts one of the most expensive Bored Ape NFTs with a feeble plea to people not to save it with a screenshot.

Saving a JPEG image of an NFT is often joked about using memes.
Source: Usameme

18. Wolf Of Wall Street I Quit Meme

During the bull market, many people started turning obscene profits by trading NFTs. This meme relates the scene where Jonah Hill’s character quits his job in The Wolf Of Wall Street after hearing how much a stock broker earns to people quitting their day jobs to trade NFTs. As you’d expect, the use of this meme dropped as the bull market faded in 2021. 

During the bull market, a lot of people left their day job to trade NFTs.
Source: imgflip

19. Donnie Darko’s NFT Friends Meme

If you’ve seen Donnie Darko, you’ll be familiar with the young character’s mental health struggle and how it leaves him isolated from society. When he tells his mother about making new friends, she doubts if they really exist. This meme takes this rather dark scene from Donnie Darko to point out how once you’re fully immersed in the NFT space, you often start making more NFT friends than real-life friends. 

When you’re heavily invested in NFTs, your circle of friends might start to change.
Source: nftnow

20. You Wouldn’t Screenshot An NFT Meme 

If you watched a DVD in the 2000s, you’re familiar with where this meme originates. It takes the anti-piracy trailer that used real-life examples of theft as a metaphor for DVD piracy to discourage people from buying and selling pirated DVDs. The outdated trailer has been re-imagined for the NFT space as a warning against people screenshotting NFTs. 

A nostalgic meme making fun of people saving NFTs as JPEGS.
Source: Nftevening

21. You Should NFT That Meme

Elon Musk is an icon to many NFT and Crypto enthusiasts. This image of the Tesla founder smoking cannabis in the middle of a Joe Rogan interview, looking like he’s just heard a fantastic idea, has been used for dozens of different memes. In this case, Musk’s approving look has become popular among NFT creators who use it to signal their own approval of other people’s ideas for new NFT collections. 

Elon Musk meme encouraging people to NFT their ideas.
Source: imgflip

22. NFT Dads On Career Day Meme

The NFT revolution has seen many people build successful careers as NFT traders and investors. This meme makes fun of the potentially embarrassing moment a student’s dad turns up for career day with nothing more than his NFT collection and a long lecture for the class on the importance of buying NFTs before they go to the moon.

The embarrassment of your dad turning up to career day with his NFT collection.
Source: PastelNetwork

23. Anyone Wanna Buy A Monkey Picture Meme

In 2020 the world felt like it was on the edge of the abyss. We were locked in our houses as a pandemic raged outside, the job market crashed, and fears of the worst recession since 1929 began to emerge. 

Despite the chaos outside, NFTs were mooning, and OpenSea became the most popular NFT marketplace in the world. This meme was used at the time to lightly criticize OpenSea and the NFT community for focusing on buying ‘monkey picture’ NFTs instead of the impending apocalypse.

In the midst of a global pandemic, NFT prices were skyrocketing, leading to this meme.
Source: PasteNetwork

24. NFT Pick-Up Line Meme 

Even if some might find NFTs fascinating, it’s worth remembering that many people don’t feel the same way. This meme is generally used to make fun of crypto bros who try to impress women by talking about their NFT collection. The woman’s face in this picture says it all, and various versions of this meme continue to be shared widely online by NFT lovers and haters alike. 

This meme pokes fun at walking to women about NFTs at parties.
Source: KnowYourMeme

25. Where Lambo NFT Meme 

NFT and crypto traders can be notoriously impatient. Many people buy tokens and NFTs, assuming that their investment will 100x overnight, making them richer than they could have ever imagined. This meme depicts three NFT traders as orangutans complaining about not having enough money for a Lambo a few seconds after buying an NFT.

NFT traders can be incredibly impatient, as highlighted by this meme.
Source: PastelNetwork


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