What Is CyberBrokers NFT? CyberBrokers Profile

CyberBrokers Profile

Learn everything about Cyberbrokers profile, a fully on-chain NFT project with a deep and evolving lore, detailed characters, and metaverse-style missions. 

CyberBrokers is one of the most interesting projects I’ve come across in a sea of cheap BAYC imitations, it stands out as a different concept on on-chain NFTs. It also has one of the coolest websites I’ve come across in the years I’ve spent browning NFTs. 

When you purchase one of the 10,001 on-chain CyberBroker, you join a constantly unraveling storyline and purchase a piece of unique cyberpunk-style art that gives you access to an exciting metaverse. This post will give you all the information you need about CyberBrokers, including the lore, metaverse features, the team, and the road map. 

CyberBrokers Explained

CyberBrokers profile
Every CyberBroker has a unique class, name, and characteristics, which determine the NFT’s value and place within the project’s lore

CyberBrokers is a media and metaverse company building that’s effectively building an entertainment platform with a collection of 10,001 fully on-chain NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain at its core. 

An on-chain NFT holds metadata and graphics on the blockchain instead of an external server. Anyone can inspect this information using a blockchain explorer like Etherscan, and it won’t go offline if someone forgets to pay their server bills! Learn more about the best onchain NFTS.

On-chain NFTs are theoretically more durable as their data will always be accessible as long as the blockchain network is live. If you want to learn more about on-chain NFT projects, check out our  Best On-Chain NFTs post. 

Every CyberBroker has a unique class, name, and characteristics, which determine the NFT’s value and place within the project’s lore. According to the official website, CyberBrokers holders have full commercial rights over their NFT and can use them how they wish. You can learn about the CyberBrokers community by following the project on Twitter and joining the official Discord

Who Created CyberBrokers?

The CyberBrokers collection was launched and its currently managed by a diverse group of doxxed NFT veterans. 

Josie Bellini, CEO, and Founder

Josie Bellini, CEO, and Founder
Jose is active in the NFT space and regularly updates her Twitter followers about CyberBrokers and other relevant NFT news

Josie is a multidisciplinary digital artist who is regarded as a pioneer in the space that personally contributed to dragging crypto-art into the mainstream following the success of the Genesis collection that she launched in 2017. 

Jose is active in the NFT space and regularly updates her Twitter followers about CyberBrokers and other relevant NFT news. Last week, November 29th, she Tweeted boasting about the CyberBrooers website, writing, “Name me a hotter website than http://cyberbrokers.com. Like really, name one.”

Samuel W. Bailey, Creative Producer

Samuel is an experienced game designer who has worked with big industry names such as 2K, Fantasy Flights Games, and Wizards of the Coast. Samuel’s Twitter bio says that he is a writer as well as a designer, and his feed is primarily dominated by updates on his work within the CyberBrokers’ ecosystem. 

Brooke Walter, COO

Brooke has been working with crypto startups since 2017, and before becoming the CyberBrokers COO, she was the head of operations at one of the biggest NFT funds in the world. True to CyberBrookers’ team spirit, her Twitter feed is dominated by CyberBrokers news and updates. 

There are at least a dozen other high-profile people on the CyberBrokers team, and you can learn more about them on the official website

When Did CyberBrokers Launch? 

The Crypobrokers mint began on March 6th, 2022, and cost ETH 0.35 per NFT, the entire 10,001 supply was launched at the same time, and only people on the mint list were eligible to claim a CyberBroker. Anyone who didn’t make it onto the mint list was placed on the waiting list and had the opportunity to mint any CyberBrokers that weren’t claimed by the 7th of March. 

What Makes CyberBrokers Unique?

Despite the limitations of on-chain NFTs regarding how many features they can be loaded with, the CyberBrokers are artistically impressive and embedded with various unique features. The team developed a compression and storage algorithm that made it possible to have so much detail in their art despite it being fully on-chain. 

Every CyberBroker has a unique name instead of a series of numbers, and this approach has proved very popular with the Ape Society community. Every CyberBroker is part of one of six classes. The classes determine the rarity as well as the abilities of the character. 

For example, CyberBroker Kelley is part of the most basic class representing 40% of the collection known as the Leftovers, and has five other traits such as Hero hair (0.5%)  and Chocolate Orange pants (3%). 

The most common characters are in the Leftovers class (40%) and the Human Species (98%) and have around half a dozen extra features such as special hair and pants. The six classes are ranked in rarity in the following order, with the rarest at the top:

  1. Founders 
  2. Creators 
  3. Warriors (13%)
  4. Services (18%)
  5. Explorers 
  6. Leftovers 

As you can imagine, the founders rarely part with their characters, so the rarest CyberBrokers are rarely traded on the secondary market. However, there are some very rare examples currently on sale. 

Apollo Bittersweet is a member of the Warriors class (13%), has the talent of Assassin (2%) and the Average Joe haircut (0.52%), and recently sold for nearly double the project’s floor price. 

Sierra was born into the Services class (18%) and only has two unique traits. However, one of them is the Incumbent species (0.46%) which makes Sierra one of the rarest tokens in the collection. As a result, Sierra has previously changed hands for several times the floor price and is listed for a whopping ETH 69. 

If you want to explore the rarest CyberBrokers, I suggest you visit Rarity Sniper and use the filters to lock onto the least common traits. According to OpenSea, the project has 5% loyalty fees, but this isn’t confirmed on the official CyberBroker website. 

What Does CyberBrokers Do? 

The CyberBrokers project has several features that have made it stand out from the crowd and, to some extent, prevented it from being decimated like many weaker projects by the bear market. 

Lore: The Paradigm Lost 

The Paradigm Lost
CyberBroker community’s role in contributing to the Paradigm Lost story will increase through user-generated content (UGC)

Paradigm Lost is the official Lore of the CyberBrokers. According to the lore, “The earth is frozen. Locked in a modern ice age. The world governments had come together with a plan to save humanity by moving everyone into the metaverse.”

The 10,001 CyverBrokers are a group of volunteers that agreed to lead the way into the metaverse. But something goes terribly wrong, and the CyberBrokers end up indefinitely stuck in an alternate reality. 

The story begins two centuries after the volunteers entered the Brave New World, and to date, 13 chapters of the Paradigm Lost have been released. You can read them or even enjoy them as a podcast. 

It’s worth emphasizing how much effort has gone into the story, the writing is great, and the podcasts are executed professionally. 

Furthermore, as every CyberBroker has a unique name, holders will see their character’s story unfold within the Paradigm Lost story. 

According to a Medium post published in October by Josie, the CyberBroker community’s role in contributing to the Paradigm Lost story will increase through user-generated content (UGC). 


The CyberBrokers quests are community-based challenges that link directly to the Lore and offer a variety of rewards upon completion. Since the project’s launch, six different quests have been initiated, and five have been completed, with the final one currently in progress. 

The first quest required the community to solve a series of puzzles that stood in the way of the Paradigm Lost character Zinc and a picture of her long-lost mother. 

Over 1,000 CyberBrokers worked to solve the first quest, and they were rewarded with an air-dropped NFT Cyborg Arm and the next chapter of the Pragigm Lost was unlocked.

According to Josie, NFT parts such as the Mecha Arm will be sued to build entire NFT characters in the future. Until then, they can be traded on OpenSea, where they have an impressive total volume of ETH 555. 

Quest details are released through Medium, different classes receive different awards, and the team gives plenty of advice to ensure no one falls for scams. 

The Community Fund

The CyberBrokers community fund invests up to $15,000 in community-approved projects. One of the most notable successes of the fund has been the Pixie Bolt text-to-image AI generation platform. The proposal for Pixie Bolt was submitted to the community by Architect and received approval on the basis that it would be great for illustrating the lore. 

The community has generated and published several images based on the lore, and you can find a couple in the Pixie Bolt Substack post

What’s Next For CyberBrokers? 

The CyberBrokers roadmap and Medium page have outlined several future noteworthy milestones.

Mech Utility

As the metaverse aspect of the project expands, so will the need for more Mech. Much of the equipment will be used to interact with quests, such as vehicles and power suits. Essentially, they plan to expand mech utility to grow the depth of quests and create more exclusive challenges. 

Mech Assembly

The Mech Assembly platform will have two mechanics; firstly, it will allow people to burn 2D mech components in exchange for 3D versions, and secondly, an assembly pad will allow Mech holders to build fully 3D figures. 


According to the lore, Drifters are humans who have escaped their tragic realities and made their way into the metaverse alongside the 10,001 volunteers. The Drifters will compromise the next NFT drop, which will widen the community, although CyberBroker holders are expected to have some advantages when it comes to picking up a Drifter. 

A mint date for the Drifters is yet to be officially set. Keep an eye on the CyberBrokers Substack and Twitter if you want to keep up with the latest announcements. 

How To Buy CyberBrokers?

The best place to purchase CyberBrokers and TPL Mecha Parts is on OpenSea, where 5% of the tokens are trading on the secondary market. 

Follow these steps to buy a CyberBroker or Mecha Parts:

  • Get a Crypto Wallet: Set up a Metamask or Coinbase wallet and load it with Ethereum (ETH). 
  • Connect to OpenSea: Visit the CyberBrokers or TPL Mecha Parts OpenSea page and click the wallet icon at the top to link your wallet to the website. 
  • Explore: Browse the collection. You can use the filters to alter the price and rarity or order the items by price. 
  • Buy: Purchase the NFT by pressing Buy Now or submitting a Bid. 

The Future Of CyberBrokers

The CyberBrokers hit the blockchain just as the NFT market began its descent into a brutal bear market. However, due to the project’s credible leadership and the enthusiastic community, it survived in an environment where other projects could not. 


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