What Is CryptoDickbutts NFT? A Profile

CryptoDickbutts NFT

Discover everything there is to know about CryptoDickbutts NFT, a crude meme project that turned into a serious blue-chip collection. 

The CryptoDickbutts (CDB) may sound childish, but these crude pixelated ‘butts’ have become major players in the NFT space. Believe it or not, these odd-looking characters with their exposed buttocks and quirky accessories rarely sell for less than $2.5K. They’re a good example of how NFT memes are crucial to Web 3 culture. 

While the crypto bear market has dragged down NFTs, the CDBs have performed well, with average prices rising as the community becomes increasingly enthusiastic and outspoken.

CryptoDickbutts Explained

CryptoDickbutts explained
The current and most important collection is Series 3, which is composed of 5,200 unique characters

CDB collection finds its roots in the “Dick Butts” comic created by the artist K.C Green in 2006. The comic book idea was originally turned into two small NFT collections, now referred to as series 1 and 2 under the CryptoDickbutts OG umbrella. The current and most important collection is Series 3, which is composed of 5,200 unique characters. 

According to their profile on OpenSea, the Dickbutts were evacuated from ‘Gooch Island,’ presumably the home of the OG CDBs. Following the evacuation, 5,200 of them ended up on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The Dickbutts have taken some inspiration from the CryptoPunks, the pixelated characters make great PFPs, and their faces resemble CryptoPunks. 

Who Created CryptoDickbutts?

Who created CryptoDickbutts?
The Dickbutts were created by K.C. Green

The Dickbutts were created by K.C. Green, and he took inspiration from his 2006 comic book Dickbutts. According to his official website, Green was born in Western Massachusetts, USA, in 1987 and has created art for some household names such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Spongebob Comics. 

Despite Green’s success with CDB, his Twitter profile is not NFT-orientated. He uses it to post non-crypto-related memes and to keep his followers up to date with his latest projects, such as Kcomics.

Green’s hands-off approach to the Dickbutts since its launch has benefited the project. It’s now community-focused and uses a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for decision-making. 

The project also has ties to CrypToadz. According to Gremplin, the creator of CrypToadz, both projects shared the same solidity developer.

When Did CryptoDickbutts Launch? 

Although the original ‘Dickbutts’ comic was published in 2006, the OG series 1 and 2 collections weren’t minted until March 2021. The OGs numbered just 161, and despite little to no information about the project, they sold out almost immediately. 

The overnight success of the OG collection encouraged Green to push on, and in August 2021, the Series 3 collection of 5,200 was launched with a mint price of 0.052 ETH. 161 Series 3s were reserved for the OG holders, and 39 were reserved for the dev team and giveaways.

Following the successful launch, the official CryptoDickbutts Twitter posted, “First they ignore you then they laugh then they laugh then they laugh they they.” The Tweet feels like a sarcastic jab at the people who underestimate the value of the crude characters. 

Since the mint, the collection has a total trading volume of 11,615 ETH, and as of writing, only 5% of the tokens are listed on OpenSea, suggesting the community is holding on to their Dickbutts. 

What Makes CrypDickbutts Unique?

The Dickbutts all have unique features as they were generated using a generative art system. The rarity of the Dickbutts gives them varied value, which is the typical structure for PFP projects like the CryptoPunks and CrypToadz. 

Dickbutts features are divided into 13 categories, including background, body, eyes, hand, hat, and mouth. 

An example of a low-rarity Dickbutt is #1425, which has a Picnic Day body found in 20% of the collection, no nose, which is found in 94%, and dark skin found in 27%. Dickbutts with basic features sell for between 1-2 ETH, considerably below the rarest tokens but still far higher than the original mint price. 

On the high-rarity end of the scale, you’ll find Dickbutts like #1068, which has a frog-themed  ‘legendary’ feature found in less than 0.02% of the collection, and the legendary ‘Dickasus’ #5003. Legendary tokens generally trade for around 300% of the project’s floor price. 

What Does CryptoDickbutts Do? 

Generally, with PFP projects, we have to accept that most of their value is derived from the community, the art, and the variation of features generated during the genesis mint. However, the project has developed beyond the basic PFP model even with Green taking a backseat. 


Anyone who holds a CDB is automatically eligible to become a member of the DAO through the project’s Discord server. The DAO is divided into two channels, the DAO-Governance channel for voting on proposals and the Dickbutt DAO, used for more general discussions. 

One of the DAO’s primary aims is to grow the Dickbutts presence in the real world, and it’s been successful in this endeavor, as is reflected by the partnerships the project has built. 


Through the DAO, the Dickbutts community has built partnerships that benefit everyone holding a CDB. 

Silver Jet

In January 2022, just a few months after the launch of Dickbutts series 3, the CEO of Silver Jet announced on Twitter that his company had entered into a partnership with CDB offering token holders a 10-15% discount on private jet hiring.  

Naughty America

The adult entertainment site Naughty America announced a partnership with the Dickbutts on Twitter. Naughty American built them a VR metaverse called ‘Gooch Island’ after the project’s background story where token holders could hang out and socialize.

CryptoSergs and Killer Acid

The DAO successfully onboarded two well-known NFT artists, CryptoSergs and Killer Acid. It isn’t yet clear what role they’ll play in the project, but their reputation alone will benefit Dickbutts. 

Copyrights Merchandise 

The Dickbutts community has taken full advantage of its copyrights by merchandising the Dickbutts. The official CDB store sells all sorts of merchandise, such as T-shirts, mugs, and art, with a slice of the profits used to fill the DAO’s treasury.


CryptoDickButts are creative commons zero. That means owners and everybody else can do whatever they want with their NFT or the image representing it, even for commercial use. For more, read our guide to CCO NFTs.

Dickbutts Royalties

According to the DickButts OpenSea, series three of the project has a 5% royalty fee. It’s 8% for season one and two of this project. To learn more about creator royalties, refer to our How Do NFT Royalties Work? 

How To Buy CryptoDickbutts?

How to buy CryptoDickbutts NFT?
Before buying an NFT, you should do your research, and we also strongly recommend that you join the Dickbutts Discord channel and follow the project on Twitter

The best place to purchase Cryptodickbutts is on OpenSea, where you’ll normally find between 200-300 CryptoDickbutts of Series Three for sale. Series One and Two are harder to buy due to the limited supply.

Before buying an NFT, you should do your research, and we also strongly recommend that you join the Dickbutts Discord channel and follow the project on Twitter, as the community plays such a central role in the project. Follow these steps to buy a Dickbutts:

  • Get a Crypto Wallet: Set up a Metamask or Coinbase wallet and load it with Ethereum (ETH). 
  • Connect to OpenSea: Visit the CryptoDickbutts OpenSea page and click the wallet icon at the top of the page to link your wallet to the website. 
  • Explore: Browse the Dickbutts collection. You can use the filters to alter the price and rarity or scroll until one catches your eye. 
  • Buy: Purchase a Dickbutts by pressing Buy Now or submitting a Bid. 

The Future Of CryptoDickbutts NFT

Although the Dickbutts started as a joke, they quickly grew into a respected meme project worth thousands of ETH. Since 2021 the DAO has effectively taken control of the Dickbutts, and the project’s future is in the hands of the community.

The DAO looks set to continue building partnerships with businesses and artists, and if the past is anything to go by, they’re more than likely to succeed, especially if the bear market draws to an end. 


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