7 Best Music NFT Marketplaces For Trading Music NFTs

Best Music NFT Marketplaces

Find out the best music NFT marketplaces to trade music in Web 3.0.

When people think of NFTs, they usually point to overpriced cartoon animal JPGs and memes. But more NFT use cases cover so many more areas, including music.

Maybe you’re a music lover and NFT enthusiast and want to get your hands on popular music NFTs as soon as they appear in the secondary NFT marketplaces. 

Or you could be a musician who wants to earn more than $0.003 and $0.005 per stream. If so, NFTS may be worth exploring as the music collectible market is worth over five billion dollars, including NFTs. This article will help you find the right music NFT marketplaces.

What To Look For In Best Music NFT Marketplaces

Music NFT marketplaces operate like OpenSea. But here, you find more NFTs related to background scores, songs, audio, etc.

The portals let you connect crypto wallets to pay for music NFT and add it to your NFT collection. The marketplaces also host all the tools and instructions that a music artist might need to mint their first NFT in Web 3.0.

How To Pick The Best Music NFT Marketplaces

  • It offers convenient music NFT minting and selling without too much intervention by the artist.
  • It comes with the latest NFT security and transparency measures so that, as a buyer, you can trust its digital asset listings.
  • Transparent music NFT listing criteria
  • It has a good brand reputation on social media.
  • The marketplace has self-regulatory measures to shield artists, traders, and collectors from scams.

Now, look at the music NFT marketplaces that pass my stringent probes on interface, guidelines, and cost:  

1. Rarible

Best music NFT marketplaces: Rarible

Rarible is a California-based NFT marketplace with a net worth of $57 to $85 million as of 2021. NFT traders and collectors consider this NFT marketplace as one of the leading ones since most new NFT projects partner up with Rarible as the secondary marketplace.

  • It has its own crypto coin RARI
  • Highly active on Twitter, Discord, and Instagram
  • Supports Ethereum, Solana, Tezos, Flow, and Polygon for NFTs
  • Supports many crypto wallets including Coinbase NFT wallet
  • 1% commission from the buyer’s and seller’s side
  • Crypto wallet is a must to access most platform features

2. TokenTraxx

Best music NFT marketplaces: TokenTraxx

TokenTraxx NFT marketplace only lists music NFTs. Hence, you can scroll through many popular digital assets related to music without creating a different search as you need to do on OpenSea or Rarible.

  • Great social media presence on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and more
  • Has its own token, TRAXX, for exchange and platform transactions
  • Only supports Metamask
  • You must use MATIC for music NFT purchases

3. Triptcip

Best music NFT marketplaces: Triptcip

Triptcip is a go-to music NFT platform for content creators for its robust tools and technologies. It combines generative art with a soundtrack, enabling the music and visual artists to create multimedia NFTs.

  • Good for electronic and synthesized music
  • Free access to wave sequence and visual synthesis software
  • Community activities like discussions and contests
  • Active on fewer social media platforms
  • Fees, commissions, royalties, etc., structures are not transparent


Best music NFT marketplaces: NOIZD

NOIZD lets you buy collectible-grade music NFTs. Its specialty is unreleased music. Also, you can download your NFT on your computer and mobile phone to listen to the music NFT offline. 

Its music NFT listings include songs, music, full audio tracks, remixes, stems, and more. All the music NFTs on this platform comes with unique cover artwork. 

  • Artists get royalty rights
  • Language and genre-based filtering of music NFT listings
  • On sign-up, you enter a lucky draw for free music NFT from a collection of 5,000 NFTs
  • No commission for musicians
  • Only supports Metamask wallet
  • Currently, NOIZD only accepts unreleased music for NFT minting

5. Sound.xyz

Best music NFT marketplaces: Sound.xyz

Sound.xyz is a Web 3.0 marketplace where music lovers can directly support thousands of artists bypassing the intermediaries in the music industry. 

The platform helps artists to launch new albums, promote music in its community groups, and sell music tracks as NFTs. 

  • Built on the open-source and permissionless Sound Protocol
  • No commission or fees for secondary sales
  • Rainbow and MetaMask are the only supported wallets
  • 5% commission on primary sales

6. Catalog

Best music NFT marketplaces: Catalog

Catalog is essentially an online music marketplace that only deals with one-of-one music NFTs. Here, artists can mint an NFT and put the digital asset for auction. Also, for instant sales, they can post the NFT in Buy Now section.

  • Zero commission on NFT sales for the first few transactions
  • Allows any ERC20-based cryptocurrencies for NFT buying
  • The user interface needs further improvements in terms of site loading and display
  • Limited access to the NFT marketplace documentation 

7. Origin Story

Best music NFT marketplaces: Origin Story
Origin Story company is seasoned in web3, since 2017

Origin Story works with artists to launch NFTs, and it powers Exceed’s NFT marketplace for artists, starting with the launch of Lil Durk’s NFTs. Origin Story also launched 3LAU’s $11.7 million NFT auction, which was the highest NFT sale to-date.

  • Marketplace aggregates listings from other platforms for best liquidity
  • Company is seasoned in web3, since 2017
  • Marketplace supports advanced analytics
  • Partnerships are constantly growing
  • Limited artists are currently available on the marketplace
  • No custodial options are currently available (must use a crypto wallet)

Testing Criteria for the Best Music NFT Marketplaces

I surveyed many music NFT marketplaces according to the following checklist and found the above marketplaces highly promising:

  • NFT marketplace brand reputation and popularity
  • The go-to name for music NFTs in the NFT community
  • Platform security and self-regulation policies
  • Not engaged in any NFT scams
  • Does not promote music NFTs for money
  • Accepts most cryptocurrencies 

If you are a musician but new to NFTs, you can go for TokenTraxx, Triptcip, and NOIZD, as these NFT marketplaces provide easy-to-use tools for music NFT minting.


  • Tamal is a freelance writer at TheNFTBrief. After gaining substantial experience in technology, finance, and business processes in his previous job in an IT consulting company, he adopted writing as a full-time profession 3 years ago. While not writing about the latest technology, he loves to play COD and binge-watch the Beluga YouTube channel.