What Is CyberKongz? We Profile This NFT Project 

What Is CyberKongz?

Learn what is CyberKongz NFT collection, how to buy a CyberKong, and what the future of the project holds. 

The digital artist myoo launched the gorilla-themed CyberKongz NFT collection on March 3rd, 2021, releasing 1,000 ‘Genesis’ Kongz with a mint price of just  ETH 0.01. The project quickly gained steam as people realized the pixilated Kongz made perfect profile pictures. 

The popularity of the Kongz has taken them from NFT profile pictures to a well-developed community project with various use cases and niche characteristics which has pushed up their value and created intense hype around their future development. 

Cyberkongz is a play-to-earn NFT game that grants holders access to exclusive communities, airdrops and alpha. 

In this article, we will dive deep into the CryptoKongz project by taking a detailed look at the project’s features, where to buy Kongz, and what the future holds for the project. 

CyberKongz Overview

Out of the 1,000 Kongz, 989 were sold on OpenSea, Kong #810 was kept as a mascot for the project, and 10 Legendary CyberKongz were sold two weeks later.#

The 989 Kongz sold for just ETH 0.01, while the Legendary Kongz were sold for ETH 200 ($) in total. 

Less than a year after their launch, the value of CyberKongz exploded. In March 2022, almost a year after mint, the floor price of a Kongz Baby sat at around ETH 7.15 ($ 18,200) while a Genesis Kongz cost over ETH 70. The project’s market cap is just shy of $100 million according to CoinGecko

This explosive rise in the value of the Kongz forces us to ask the question, “What happened in the last year that gave the Kongz so much more value?”

The answer is that a community rallied around Kongz, and the project’s primary use case as a profile picture has been replaced by many interesting new features. 

Let’s take a look at how the CryptoKongz project has developed. 

Smart Contract Ese Cases

The early popularity of the CyberKongz quickly led to the growth of a Discord community which then led to developers flooding into the project offering to work on moving it forward. 

On April 17th, less than a month after the collection’s launch, the Kongz were migrated onto a new smart contract which added some impressive new features to the NFTs. 

BANANA Token, Breeding and Personalization 

A turning point in the project’s history was the creation of the $BANANA token. Anyone holding a genesis Kong yields around 10 BANANA per day for the next decade; as of writing, the tokens are valued at just under $20 each, according to CoinGecko

BANANA brought two significant changes to the Kongz: 

  1. Customize: BANANA is used to pay for the customization of Kongz; currently, users can change their Kongz names, create a nickname and write a bio. 
  2. Breed: BANANA tokens are used for breeding genesis Kongz and creating Baby Kongz. 

The customization features are relatively basic, as you can see, but the breeding feature was a game-changer for the collection. 

The new contract laid out the path to breeding 4,000 Baby Kongz with unique features and traits. 

How are Baby Kongz bred: 

  1. Parents: Like a Baby Gorilla in the wild, your Baby Kong will need parents; in this case, you’ll need any two Genesis Kongz. 
  2. Tokens: You’ll need 600 BANANA to breed the genesis Kongz. 
  3. Incubator: If you’re successfully breeding the genesis Kongz, you’ll receive an incubator with a Baby Kong and a CyberKongz VX mint. 

Baby Kongz 

A Baby Kongz
A Baby Kongz

These little Kongz were created to expand the collection; the number of BabyKongz is limited to 4,000. They are onchain NFTs, hence the pixelated look.

It’s possible to add a backstory to your BabyKongs, and their names can be changed in exchange for BANANA. 

In addition to their customizability, BabyKongs also give their holders access to an exclusive CyberKongz Discord server. The server works a little like Wall Street Bets on Reddit. Members can chat privately about upcoming mints and alpha (potential bluechips). They can also win whitelist spots for future NFTs.  

CyberKongz VX

What Is CyberKongz?
A Cyberkongz VX

The launch of 15,000 CyberKongz VX was announced in June last year, and it took the NFT collection into a whole other dimension. While the genesis and Baby Kongz are 2D pixelated figures, the VX Kongz are both 2D and 3D. 

The 3D apes are expected to act as social avatars for users exploring and socializing in the metaverse. Baby Kongz holders received one for free. By March 2022, they were worth over Eth 2. Specifically, CyberKongz VX were designed to be deployed in The SandBox, a metaverse built around NFTs where players can explore, socialize, build, and play.

The community has already purchased a considerable amount of land in the sandbox to explore with your VX Kong; these plots of land have been named: 

  • The Shrine of Kongz 
  • Neo Kongz City 
  • Kongz Island 

The Kongz Metaverse is truly impressive, and if you want to take a look, we suggest you check out the images posted by SanBox in this medium post

VX’s have these additional utilities beyond being Metaverse avatars: 

  • Customizable name and back story 
  • Get you access to a VIP CyberKongz Discord server 
  • Can be downloaded and used to create your art and added to merchandise 

Now you’re familiar with the use cases of all three generations of CyberKongz, you might be interested in buying one for yourself. 

How To Buy Your First CyberKong 

All three generations of Kongz have been fully minted, so there’s no shortage of the apes on the market. 

Before you buy a Kong, we recommend joining the official CyberKongz Discord channel by following this link and getting to know the community. 

Once you’re familiar with the community and decide to join in with your own Kong, you’ll need to find a marketplace selling Kongz. The biggest NFT marketplace on the web is OpenSea, and this happens to be where the largest collection of Kongz resides. 

Follow this step-by-step process to buy a Kong on OpenSea: 

  1. Wallet: To buy an NFT on OpenSea, you’ll need to set up a MetaMask/CoinBase Wallet by following this link and adding the wallet as a browser extension. 
  2. Connect: Head over to the OpenSea website and press the connect wallet button. 
  3. Browse: Take a look at the CyberKongz collection found at this link
  4. Buy: Once you’ve chosen a Kong submit a bid. 

Congratulations! If you were the highest bidder, you’re now the proud owner of a CyberKong. 

Before buying a Kong, you might be curious about the project’s historic price evolution, so let’s look at the data. 

CyberKongz Price Evolution 

The CyberKong project began with the minting of the Genesis collection; these Kongz were created for ETH 0.01 ($26). Since the project’s inception, the value of the Kongz initially boomed and then balanced out. 

According to CoinGecko, the collection’s 7-day rolling average floor price (the cheapest token on the market) has remained relatively stable; since September 2021, it has fluctuated between $20,000-30,000. 

Despite the stable floor price, some of the rarest Kongz in the collection have netted their owners’ immense profits. 

According to NFT-Stats.com Some of the top selling Kongz: 

  • CyberKong #434 for $244,000 
  • CyberKong #141 for $199,000
  • CyberKong #45 $194,000

Since its launch, the CyberKong collection has come leaps and bounds; the Kongz have gone from pixilated profile pictures to 3D metaverse avatars. However, don’t think that the Kongz have given all they’ve got; there’s plenty more to look forward to. 

The Future of CryptoKongz 

Several significant CryptoKongz developments are changing how the Kongz ecosystem works.

Banana Shop 

According to the CryptoKongz official roadmap, the utility of the  BANANA token is expected to be expanded through the ‘Banana Shop.’ The shop will allow users to equip their VX with new features in exchange for BANANA. In addition, anyone holding a Baby Kong will receive some unspecified perks in the shop. 

Play & Kollect

The Play and Kollect Kongz metaverse adventure game is arguably the most exciting development the project has undergone since the VX generation. 

According to a series of Medium articles published by CyberKongz, Play & Kollect is built on the Polygon network and will see VX Kongz link up with friends to complete quests and explore the metaverse. 

The on-chain game will be filled with collectibles such as weapons and loot capsules for VX Kongz to collect and equip. 

The rollout of Play and Kollect will be done in phases; if you want to keep up with the progress, keep an eye out for new Tweets from CyberKkongz on their official Twitter