How Do I View My NFT? 10 Methods You’ll Love

How do I view my NFTs?

How do I view my NFT? Discover how you can do it and show them to others quickly and easily at your computer, with your phone, and in the real-world.

“Show me your NFTs!”

That’s what a friend said when he heard I’d bought a few of them. I opened up my phone and clicked through to OpenSea, but it wasn’t that easy to display my NFTS with my phone. I’d to search for my address on OpenSea and find the right ones to display.

I’m going to walk through different ways you can view NFTs, whether you’re at a computer or on the go. These NFT viewing tools will also help create a collection others can explore.

1. NFT Marketplace Profiles

The most obvious way to view an NFT involves simply navigating to your profile or an Ethereum address on NFT marketplaces like LooksRare, Rarible or OpenSea. Either login into the marketplace in question or search for your Ethereum Name Service address.

As these marketplace places connect to MetaMask or your wallet, you can also use the assets section of that wallet to view NFTs.

2. Etherscan Explorer

If you want to inspect the contents of a wallet or NFT domain, plug the address into Etherscan Explorer.

Click on a token, and you can view the relevant NFTs. It’s not the best way to show off an NFT or display them, but it’s verifiable proof on the blockchain of who owns what.

3. gallery
A gallery is a cryptocurrency wallet ideal for showing off NFTs, and it’s available on the Apple App and Android stores. I don’t recommend adding your seed phrase. Instead, paste in an Ethereum name service address, and your NFTs will pop up. offers fantastic information about an NFT’s attributes and background. They also look great on mobile. The app’s colours even change depending on the NFT you’re looking at.

You can use it to click through to OpenSea or Etherscan as well, and you can save addresses. It’s the easiest and fastest way to view NFTs, check their floor prices, and display them.

4. NFT Tax Software

Some cryptocurrency and NFT tax software visually display NFTs inside a particular wallet. I tested a few options, and the best for viewing your NFTs is, although you can also use and is not the cheapest tax software out there, but its dedicated NFT center is free and easy to use. Again, you can see attributes and relevant links for an NFT.

Read my NFT tax software guide.

5. Netgear Meural Photo Frame

What if you want to display an NFT to people who visit your house or apartment? Or perhaps you want to display an NFT like a photo or traditional artwork? You can buy a smart photo frame, like the Meural Canvas from NetGear, and connect it to a MetaMask wallet or an Ethereum address.

The 15.6 inch smart photo frame costs $369. Netgear offers larger versions of its digital photo frames too. These types of smart frames don’t do justice to onchain pixelated NFTs, but it’s a nice way of displaying pricey generative art from projects like Art Blocks.

6. Token Frame

TokenFrame is a digital photo frame alternative to Mural. You can buy a TokenFrame and display your NFT in your office. Again, these aren’t cheap, and they’re only available in the US.

The frames start at 10 inches for a few hundred dollars. The sizes and prices go all the way up to 55 inches and several thousand dollars, i.e. it costs more than a smart television. On that note, Samsung is releasing a smart TV that will display NFTs, sometime in 2022.

7. OnCyber

Vincent Van Dough NFT art gallery
The Vincent Van Dough NFT art gallery

If you want to create a virtual 3D art gallery for your NFTs, enter OnCyber. It connects your meta mask wallet once you sign a transaction.

If you own several bluechip NFTs, OnCyber is a preview of how the Metaverse may use these types of digital goods. For now, you can build a basic digital gallery followers can visit. You can create a 2d version and use that to view NFTs rather than navigating through a virtual gallery with a keyboard and mouse.

If you’re out of funds or don’t own enough NFTs to populate a gallery, fear not. You can play around with the app and visit other people’s digital art galleries for free. Check out Vincent Van Dough’s seven-figure gallery!


Showtime is an NFT viewing app that works like Instagram. Click on an NFT, and you can see a description and its traits. Other viewers can add comments and like it, much like an Instagram post.

I didn’t have to sign in or connect my wallet. Instead, I pasted my Eth address into the app, and my NFTs appeared onscreen. Oddly though, it mistakenly reported some NFTs as unrevealed.

The feed serves as a good way of getting inspiration from other NFT collectors. You can see what NFTs are trending over the past 24 hours, seven days, and 30 days and sell yours via the Showtime Marketplace.

9. NFT gallery
A NFT gallery is another option for viewing NFTs and creating a collection to show off. It provides a customizable and memorable URL that you can share.

I created an account, added my Ethereum address, and prepared my collection within a few minutes. Lazy presented information about each one on a clean white screen. It also provided links to marketplaces like Opensea.

10. is another type of metaverse project you can use to view and for some potential Metaverse use cases.

It offers free and premium galleries for collectors. The app asked me to upload a headshot, pick a free gallery, and add my NFTs. I liked the virtual gallery option, but the animations are rough around the edges.

I was less enthused by the avatars with their legs cut off. The experience reminded me of creating a playable character on a gaming platform like Xbox Live.

Check out my supporting video for this article below, where I cover 9 of the options we have looked at for viewing NFTs.

The Final Word on Viewing NFTs

Spatial struck me as an interesting metaverse option, while Lazy is quick and easy to use. I gravitate to the most simply because it provides floor prices and NFT attributes in a pleasing mobile app.

At some point, I am planning on buying a smart photo frame when they come down in price. As the space is still early, we can expect more options for NFT collectors. In the meantime, why not add to your collection? Check out my article: Best Coinbase NFTs: 11 to Watch Out For in 2022.