Best Coinbase NFTs: 11 To Watch Out For In 2022

What is Boss Beauties NFT?

Discover some of the best Coinbase NFTs or non-fungible tokens that will appear on its new marketplace.

OpenSea is facing more competition from platforms and new NFT marketplaces like LooksRare. But perhaps its biggest threat is Coinbase.

OpenSea claims 1.25 million users, while Coinbase claims over 73 million users.

The rollout of a Coinbase NFT marketplace in 2022 will simplify the buying and selling of NFTs. The Coinbase marketplace could potentially reduce barriers to entry for new users, too, in terms of lower gas fees and the headache of managing a software wallet.

So, which Coinbase NFTs on its marketplace should you know about? Before you look any further, you may like to read my article: 7 Common NFT Mistakes You Must Avoid.

Remember, none of this is financial advice. I hold one or two of these NFTs, but NFTs are still incredibly risky, and many of them can go to zero. So this content is for informational purposes only. Do your own research.

1. World of Women

World of Women
World of Women is a community celebrating inclusivity for all.

World of Women is a future blue-chip NFT that could become as big as Bored Ape Yacht Club. It launched in July 2021, and 10,000 of these pieces exist with approximately 5,000 owners, suggesting hodlers own on an average two of these NFTs.

Owners of a World of Women NFT receive an airdrop of another NFT from one female artist or collaborator into their wallet for free each month. The project donated over a quarter of a million dollars from profits to charities sharing their values, like She’s the First, Code to Inspire, and Too Young to Wed.

The project team wants to build a global brand under World of Women Galaxy. It signed a deal with Guy Oseary to build the project, the person behind performers like Madonna, U2, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. As a hodler, you can vote on the direction of the project. I bought one of these back in August of 2021.

2. Boss Beauties

Boss Beauties is a type of visual art created by female artists. Ten thousand pieces exist. At first glance, the Boss Beauties NFT looks similar to the World of Women project.

Boss Beauties was the first NFT displayed on the New York Stock exchange. In early 2022, the project signed a partnership with Marvel, although they’ve yet to announce what this partnership will translate into.

Fans can buy related Boss Beauties merchandise and clothing designed by the team. Some lucky holders receive airdrops if their NFTs are featured or used as part of its commercial partnerships.

The team donates 5% of profits from its mint to fund scholarships for female leaders. The Marvel deal aside, it’ll be interesting to see how this project team differentiates itself from World of Women. I bought two.

3. Sup Ducks

Sup Ducks
Sup Ducks offer a ‘one-way ticket to the sickest clubhouse on the block…chain.’

At first glance, Sup Ducks look like cartoon images of ducks. Ten thousand of these NFTs exist, and it’s one of the more creative and colorful NFT projects to launch on the Coinbase marketplace.

Hodlders of Sup Ducks receives a certain amount of its proprietary Volt token every day. After claiming it, you can covert Volt back to Ethereum and then dollars.

You can use Volt on the Sub Ducks platform to buy snacks for your duck and related NFT projects like King Frogs. If you feed them, you can unlock the MegaToad NFT, which is comparably priced to a Sup Ducks NFT. More use cases for Volt are in development.

While on Twitter (or in the official Discord), type in sup, and you’ll get loads of replies from other Sup Duck holders. Gary Vaynerchuk is a fan. I picked up a Sup Duck also back in 2021.

4. Lazy Lions

Lazy Lions
Lazy Lions NFT – Your Key to Exploring Web 3.0.

Lazy Lions is a type of picture-for-profile project (PFP) project. You can use it as your avatar on social media, Discord channels, and throughout Web 3.0. The 10,000 items are distributed between 5,000 owners.

Lazy Lions features a detailed roadmap on its site. They’re releasing related merch for hodlers. The team plans on airdropping new NFTs to Lazy Lions holders.

Although it’s currently only a PFP, this Coinbase NFT project will morph into a type of play-to-earn NFT or blockchain game, where players receive Roar rewards. The project also plans on offering exclusive merch.

5. Rumble Kong League

Rumble Kong League
A set of 10,000 programmatically generated and unique NFTs will be playable avatars.

The Rumble Kong League project is a play-to-earn NFT project aimed at basketball fans. Ten thousand pieces exist, and it’s got the backing of various brands and investors like CAA Sports.

The Rumble Kong project team’s Kongpaper says they were inspired by blue-chips like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club, writing:

“Each token has been randomly assembled out of a list of 100+ hand-drawn traits, creating a unique-looking basketball player in the Kong style.”

The team is developing a play-to-earn game for hodlers.

You can also use Rumble Kongs as your avatar on social media until then.

The Rumble Kong team is planning on rolling out staking too. Basically, you lock your NFT on the blockchain and receive proprietary rewards.

6. Gangland Skulls

GangX to the Moon
GangX to the Moon! (edition of 100) – by Eddie Gangland.

Gangland Skulls by Eddie Gangland is a series of animated skulls and designs by this talented visual artist Eddie Gangland. It’s also one of the affordable NFTs launching on Coinbase, i.e. you don’t need four figures to buy one.

I hadn’t heard of Eddie Gangland till Coinbase tweeted about his inclusion. He’s a Miami-based visual artist featured in Rolling Stone and Vogue magazine. He sold hundreds of his skull illustrations as NFTs before the Coinbase listing.

7. The Hashmask

The Hashmasks
Hashmasks is a living digital art collectible.

The Hashmasks is a type of digital art collectible. Like any good NFT, you own the commercial rights and license to use your Coinbase NFT purchase as you see fit.

Each of the Hashmasks is visually distinctive in terms of colors and design. That’s probably because the project is the work of not one but seventy artists worldwide.

Supply is higher than many NFT projects. 16,384 Hashmasks exist versus the usual 10,000 or 5,000, which you’ll see in other NFT projects. Still, the project has decent volume and a steady floor price.

The team is planning on releasing a game and staking.

Hold the Hashmasks, and you’ll receive Name Change Tokens. You can burn these or use them to change the name of your NFT.

8. Addidas Into the Metaverse NFT

Addidas Into the Metaverse NFT
A global community-contributed NFT art project.

Adidas Into the Metaverse launched in late 2021, and now it’s coming to Coinbase.

Many of the above NFTs are types of avatars, collectibles, or types of digital art. They often look like JPEGs and memes to an outsider. The Adidas NFT, however, offers passes for an exclusive online community. Hodlers will receive clothing, merchandise, trainers, and passes for future events sometime in 2022.

Before mint, it formed partnerships with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Punks Comic, and NFT influencers like G Money. Hodlers of those projects and those on a whitelist could mint one of 30,000 tokens. The project mint cost approximately 0.2 Eth before shooting past 2 Eth.

The Adidas NFT project generated $22 million in sales. We can expect more brands to follow Adidas’s Web 3.0 business model based on its apparent success.

9. Gutter Cat Gang

Gutter Cat Gang
‘Far underground, in the bowels of the Autonomous Zone, the Gutter Rats roam.’

The Gutter Cat Gang NFT project is a ticket to an exclusive community, or Discord, where you can connect with other holders.

As a Gutter Cat Gang holder, you get access to Airdrops future NFTs and can vote on the project’s direction. Only 3,000 of these NFTs are available. The volume is lower than other projects here, probably because there are so few of them available.

With a floor price of over 6 Eth prior to the Coinbase launch, it’s a pricey NFT to buy. If you still want to get involved, you can buy more affordable NFTs from the same project like Gutter Rats, Pigeons, and Gutter Dogs. Personally, the prospects of hodling a rat NFT didn’t appeal. It’s unclear if these derivatives will launch on Coinbase.

10. Creature World

Creature World
These NFTs are the creation of Danny Cole.

Creature World is a digital art collection coming soon to the Coinbase NFT marketplace. 21-year-old New York-based artist Danny Cole is the man behind this collection. Ten thousand of his digital art pieces exist.

Demonstrating how new the space is, Cole only discovered the NFT space in September 2020. After featuring his art around the streets of New York, he transformed his creations into NFTs.

Critics sometimes say that NFTs aren’t about art and are a type of cash grab. When artists sell artwork, they earn a percentage of that first sale. But they don’t make any residuals from the secondary market. NFTs enable artists to earn a percentage on the secondary market too.

11. Jessica Yatrovsky

Jessica Yatrovsky is a photographic artist who will release her digital creations on the Coinbase NFT marketplace.

She describes herself as a digital artist who recently discovered NFTs. She likes how images can become GIFs and a form of viral media. As a digital artist, she gravitates towards digitally manipulating Polaroids as part of creations like heARtCHIVE on OpenSea.

Coinbase NFTs: The Final Word

Coinbase is launching more NFTs that I haven’t featured here. Other NFT examples to check out include Drifter Shoots and OnChain Monkeys. You can watch the video that accompanies this article below.

I’d also suggest following the Coinbase NFT Twitter handle if you’re interested. They’re announcing new NFTs every week. Lastly, check out my article: 10 Best NFT Tools for Buyers and Investors.