The 4 Best NFT Creator Solutions for 2022

Best NFT Creator Solutions

This article provides an overview of the best NFT creator solutions and software for creators.

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a non-reversible unit of data stored in a blockchain. They have existed since 2014, although they didn’t become popular until early 2020. NFTs are unique to prevent duplication since they’re often used to represent real-world items. These primarily include artwork in various media such as drawings, films, games, music and videos.

Like NFT websites, NFT tools and software have many use cases. For example, they allow artists to create and mint their work. Some platforms also serve as marketplaces by allowing users to buy and sell these works as assets, typically for the purpose of financial speculation. Four of the best NFT solutions for 2022 include Nifty Ink, NFT Creator, SketchAR and Photoshop.

1. Nifty Ink

Pricing: Free
Use for: Create NFTs for beginners

Best NFT Creator Solutions: Nifty Ink
Nifty Ink. Image Credit: Nifty Ink

Nifty Ink is the easiest NFT platform for beginners to use since it doesn’t require them to learn blockchain techniques. Artists can use Nifty Ink to create, earn and sell tokens without the extensive onboarding process of other platforms. This platform is also easy to use with empty cryptowallets.

Basic services are free on Nifty Link, although there is a cost for upgrading to Etherium. Nifty Ink uses xDAI bridges to Etherium, making it easy to conduct small transactions. The process of creating digital art on xDai is also highly interactive, so users can create content without a steep learning curve. The website itself also provides a positive experience for new artists. Nifty Link mints many pieces of content for over $1, showing that a market for NFT art exists.

  • Easy for beginners to learn
  • No fees to buy tokens
  • Small transactions are easy
  • Poor framework
  • Can’t run cross-chains locally
  • Bridge functionality isn’t always usable

2. NFT Creator

Pricing: $3.99/week or $49.99/year after a 3-day free trial
Use for: NFT creator software for professionals

Best NFT Creator Solutions: NFT Creator
NFT Creator. Image credit: App Store

NFT Creator is a quick, simple art creator for users with devices that use Apple’s iOS operating system such as iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac. It allows users to upload and mint their images within minutes. Artists can then export their work to the NFT marketplace of their choice when they want to sell it. NFT Creator also offers in-app purchases of other artwork.

NFT Creator also includes templates for media like doodles and pixelated images that can turn images into art. Its backgrounds, filters and visuals are all suitable for a younger audience. NFT Creator has a variety of flexible subscription plans that charge by the week, all of which may be renewed automatically.

  • 1000+ backgrounds
  • 1000+ fonts
  • 100+ art filters
  • Importable photos
  • Only compatible with iOS devices
  • Can’t sell created content directly from the platform


Pricing: Free
Use for: Mobile application for creating art

Best NFT Creator Solutions: SketchAr
SketchAR Image Credit: SketchAR

SketchAR is an NFT generator that allows artists to convert digital art into NFTs, as opposed to creating NFT digital assets. It’s available from all the major app stores, including Apple App Store, Google Play, Galaxy Store and Huawei AppGallery. SketchAR’s most distinctive feature is the ability to create NFT art, share it on any platform and learn how to improve it from other artists. It also selects the best artists on the platform each week and converts their work into NFTs, which it then features on its feed at no charge to the artist.

Sketch AR is great for beginners who are just learning to draw because it allows them to create a time-lapse video of the sketching process. The built-in library also contains dozens of sketches that are sorted by category, many of which have been drawn by professional artists. These sketches are free to use, but the bundled lessons require a fee.

  • Best experience for augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Converts artwork onto NFT and lists them on marketplaces
  • Guides the creation process
  • Has relatively few templates
  • Poor compatibility with older Android devices, especially v9 and earlier

4. Photoshop

Pricing: $22.40/month after a 30-day free trial
Use for: Artistic creation

Best NFT Creator Solutions: Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop. Image Credit: Adobe

The veteran graphics editor Photoshop has been around since 1988 and is currently the industry standard in digital art. Adobe added a feature to Photoshop in October 2021 that provides it with NFT capability, allowing creators to prepare NFT images. They can also provide more information about themselves, so that prospective buyers can verify their credentials. Adobe has entered into partnerships with NFT marketplaces in support of this initiative, including major players like KnownOrigin, OpenSea, Rarible and SuperRare. Photoshop content creators can also display their NFTs on their Behance pages, which will include links to these marketplaces.

Photoshop is already well-known for the quality of its graphics and capability of producing art. The addition of NFT makes this process easier and more entertaining. As a result, professional artists routinely use Photoshop to bring their ideas to life, including animations.

  • Many tools for customizing artwork
  • Compatible with Android, Mac and Windows
  • Can not manage and store files
  • Steep learning curve
  • Expensive

Selection Criteria

The value of artwork created with NFT software and the opportunities it creates for artists is directly proportional to their ability to master new skills. The criteria for selecting the best software is therefore based on capabilities such as precision, editing, tools and templates, and watermarks.


Digital art requires a high degree of precision. NFT software must provide this capability for a range of artistic styles, whether it’s carefully calculated or free and expressive. The best solutions need to generate high-quality images that clearly show the smallest details.


It’s also important to consider NFT software’s editing capabilities when selecting the best solutions. Some products allow the user to completely manipulate the image, while others only offer basic color grading.

Tools and Templates

The best NFT platforms should include a variety of tools and templates to facilitate the creation of art. They should also offer online guides and tutorials for these features, especially if the software is intended for beginners.


NFT software should apply its watermark to artwork, preventing anyone else from branding it. Some solutions do this automatically when images are exported. They should also allow the user to remove watermarks for purchased work.

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